Your Personal Stress Coach 

What is stress? 

Do you know what stress is and how it affects your health and happiness? Most of us describe stress as frustration, anger, anxiety, or even feeling pressured. Frustration and anger are emotions, not stress. Anxiety and feeling pressured are feelings, not stress. Feeling pressured is actually a loss of control, feeling anxious is actually ‘being afraid’. These are all responses to stressors; signs and symptoms of your stress response. 

Most of us have no idea what stress actually is, we only know how it makes us feel and how it makes us behave. Yet we all react to some kind of stressor nearly every waking hour of the day.

The perception of stress is highly individualised, very subjective. What provokes a stress reaction in your friends may actually be exciting to you and vice versa. Stress will always be in our environment so we need to learn to cope with it; what matters is not what happens to us but the way we respond to what happens to us. How we respond to the stressors in our lives can seriously damage our health and wellbeing. 

Stress is a natural response to demands, pressures, threats, deadlines, overloads and the fast moving world we live in. If we understand it better we will be able to cope with it better. Its not the stressor in our lives that causes most of the problems for us but the way we respond – our stress response – to the stressor that causes most of the problems with our health and our lives in general. 

Why stress matters?

Your Personal Stress CoachWe are all forced to live with stress but very few of us actually understand what it is and the role it plays in our lives. Does this matter? Yes, because in studies stress has been accused of exacerbating very real physical illnesses from heart disease to Alzheimer’s disease and very real psychological illnesses including anxiety, depression, burnout and more. These are very serious illnesses which affect not only the quality of our own lives but the lives of all the people close to us. Reducing stress is imperative in not only helping us feel better in the short term but can also help us live longer healthier lives with good personal and working relationships.


How your personal stress coach can help you?

You personal stress coach can educate you on stress and stress awareness, stress and illness, coping with stress and develop a comprehensive personalised stress relief plan which fits perfectly into your daily routine. Incorporating these personal stress relief techniques into your daily routine takes the pressure off your daily routine and your physical and psychological systems. Whether it be 30 minutes or an hour, any time spend with your personal stress coach will be cheaper and easier than recovering from short or long term stress related illnesses such as; anxiety, depression, burnout and more. 

 Your personal stress coach is neutral; he/she does not judge and always keeps everything confidential.  

  • Get an understanding of your stress.
  • Identify and examine your stressors and stress responses.
  • Develop your stress awareness. 
  • Talk about stress recovery and stress reactivity.
  • Evaluate your coping skills and strategies and be introduced to your defense mechanisms.
  • Develop personal daily stress relief techniques that fit perfectly into you busy life.
  • Become more energised, motivated, positive and most importantly health.                                            
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Your personal stress coach costs €45 an hour. The number of hours is determined by you and your stress coach. It is based on your detailed personalised stress relief plan. Price negotiations are always possible, contact us to see how we can help.