Price List

Price List

We specialise in tailor-made stress and burnout educational programmes, conflict mediation, coaching/counselling and stress and burnout consultation. We are always willing to discuss numbers, pricing and any format you may have in mind. We can adjust, reduce or combine any of the programmes and workshops listed below to ensure you get the best tailor-made programme that suits your needs.
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Stress and Burnout Educational Programme

Price Per Person: €350

Stress Management Workshops For Management

Price Per Person: €185 Including Anxiety €195

Stress Management Workshop For Staff

Price Per Person: €125

Stress Management Workshop For Education Sector

Price Per Person: Stress Management Workshop: €95

Individual Stress Counselling Sessions: €45

Corporate Stress and Burnout Counselling and Coaching

Price Per Person: One hour €85

One and a half hour €120

Conflict Mediation

Price One hour: €85

One and a half hour: €120

Corporate Stress and Burnout Consultation

Price Per Hour: €125

Lunch & Learn

Price Per Hour: €125