Upcoming events: SmartStress Talking 

Mind Synergy Int., will partner up with several businesses in Amsterdam to encourage employees to talk about stress and wellbeing in the workplace.


European Law Student Association Tilbury University. Guest lecturer on Stress and Stress Response 12th November 2019

Joan was delighted to give a guest lecture to the European Law Student Association Tilburg University, Tilburg, The Netherlands on the 12th of November 2019. The students were very curious to learn about stress and stress response and very interested in how they could reduce, manage and control their stressors and stress response. Feedback was excellent. We look forward to seeing the students again.

“Tilburg University is a local, international, independent, non-political and non-profit association group of ELSA (The European Law Students’ Association) in The Netherlands; run by and for law students and young lawyers, that are interested in academic and personal development on top of their studies. ELSA gives the opportunity to develop their existing skills, gain new skills and meet fellow law students and legal professionals all across Europe”.

The Future of Depression & Bipolar Disorder  Dublin Ireland       

Aware’s 2019 Conference will look to “The Future of Depression & Bipolar Disorder”, concentrating on novel approaches, further developments in existing therapies and additional means of understanding depression and bipolar disorder.                                                     

Eva Connections Amsterdam 

Mind Synergy Int. partnered with Eva Connections Amsterdam to provide a serious of webinars and workshop on stress and burnout.

  1. Webinar: Stress and Stress Response 23rd April 2019
  2. Workshop: Stress and Stress Awareness 6th June 2019
  3. Workshop: The Stress-Illness Link  3rd September 2019
  4. Workshop: Coping and Coping Strategies:  2nd March 2020
  5. Workshop: Personal Stress Relief Techniques date to be decided
  6. Workshop: Burnout: date to be decided
  7. Workshop: Mood, Emotions, Depression and Anxiety; date to be decided.
  8. Workshop: Linking Stress to Sleep Problems: Date to be decided.

“Eva Connections is a networking community for women. They take a holistic approach to the question “What do women want?”.  They have created 2 core pillars incorporating their core values, Eva Wellness and Eva Talent, these cover a range of different topics, learnings, events and more”. 


Mind Synergy Int. was honoured to be asked to host a round table on mediation. Our title was: What role does workplace stress play in workplace conflict.          Wellbeing Workevent                                                  

The round table was a flow of good discussion and ideas with insights into the biological, psychological and behavioural aspects of stress which lead to conflict. Feedback was very positive. This Wellbeing @ Work Event was a great success. Looking forward to the next year! 

The Wellbeing @ Work Event arrived in Amsterdam on Tuesday 11 September and took place at Pakhuis de Zwijger. The one day summit provided HR & Business leaders with the opportunity to learn from experts and peers about the latest wellness developments and successes that are enhancing individual and organisational performance in companies across Europe.

Corporate wellness is helping organisations to attract and retain talent, reduce absenteeism and create highly productive workplaces”.

The Wellbeing @ Work Events are one-day conferences that challenge and educate business leaders and HR professionals on how to improve corporate wellness whilst providing the tools to implement a successful and engaging programme within their organisations. Taking place in London, Dubai, Toronto, San Francisco, Hong Kong, Edinburgh, Sydney & Amsterdam, The Wellbeing at Work Event is an established and respected brand globally that attracts a senior-level audience.                                               

“A phenomenal programme with passionate, innovative and successful industry leaders sharing experiences about improving the ever-changing workplace”. 


If you would like us to participle in your event, or if you are interested in our stress education programmes or stress management workshops please don’t hesitate to contact us at 0652898604 or email us at We would be delighted to talk to you.