Conflict Mediation

Conflicts in the workplace

Conflict is caused when parties disagree on a very important subject. On the surface we may think that regardless of the subject matter every conflict is the same; sides stand opposed to each other and damage is done to everyone. All parties have their reasons and motivation for taking a stand, embedded in these reasons and motivations are their emotions and feelings. This is a highly subjective and very personalised area; these emotions and feelings drive conscious and unconscious motivations. This is where the essence of the dispute lies.

When disagreements develop into conflicts stress is rampant, the stress response has been triggered and stress is doing the ultimate damage to relationships and companies. 

The Conflict Mediation Process

As mediators, our role is to help both parties find common ground by de-escalating emotions while guiding and supporting both parties towards conflict resolution. We help by:
  • Developing effective communications.
  • Building consensus between parties.
  • Seeking out blind spots.
  • Interpreting concerns.
  • Supervising the exchange of information.
  • Framing and defining problem areas.
Mediation helps reduce and manage workplace conflicts, absenteeism, stress-related illness, anxiety, depression, burnout and legal costs. We facilitate the mediation process while helping all parties resolve their dispute and reach outcomes all parties can agree on. We are qualified, professional, objective and keep everything confidential. We prioritise the health of your employees, your workplace performance, productivity and your financial bottom line.