Stress and Burnout Coaching/Counselling

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Stress and Burnout Coaching/Counselling makes your company stronger

Learning Resilience

There are two kinds of stressors; acute and chronic stressors, both trigger a biological, physiological, psychological and behavioural stress response within and from us. Acute stress responses are short-term stress responses which when managed properly usually have little effect on our physical or mental health. Our short-term challenges are in this category along with all the short-term negative stressors. Our chronic stress response is our long-term stress response which floods our bloodstreams with strong stress hormones which, if prolonged can cause an array of physical and psychological illness; including severe stress, anxiety, burnout and depression.

Our difficulties with stressors begin when our environment, be it work, home, relationships, family, friends or our community in general puts long-term excessive pressure and demands on us to perform. The experts call these “Salient Stressors”, these are the long-term chronic stressors that cause a long-term chronic stress response from and within us; we can get so consumed by these chronic stressors that they affect every environment we’re in.

We call the acute stress response 'The Match' and the chronic stress response 'The Candle'. The Match lights The Candle but The Candle cannot be blown out until the chronic stressor causing The Candle to burn is dealt with. Prolonged chronic stress response leads to severe stress-related issues and burnout. We generally need help and guidance to find a way out of our chronic stress response loop.

The Difference Between Coaching and Counselling

In cases of overwhelming stress and stress-related illness, stress and burnout coaching and counselling will help employees become more resilient in resolving not only their current stressors but also give them the tools to develop resiliency in reducing, managing and preventing future chronic stressors and burnout. Stress coaching guides and helps our clients to express and understand their stressors and the effects these have on them and their important environments. Stress counselling goes deeper, giving our clients knowledge and understanding of their own contribution to stressful situations and the tools they need to prevent similar situations in the future.

Qualified And Experienced

All our stress coaches/counsellors are educated to MSc Health Psychology level and registered with the NIP (Dutch Institute of Psychology). We are neutral, objective and we keep everything confidential.

Comparing the costs of stress and burnout coaching /counselling to the costs of sickness absence

Comparing the costs of stress and burnout coaching /counselling to the costs of sickness absence for one employee with stress-related illness or burnout. Amounts and durations are based on information from Arboned.
Example: Sickness absences due to work-related stress is now an average of 157 days (8 months) per employee. The average cost per day is €250. Sickness payment for 157 days @ €250 a day will cost €39,250 per
Example: Sickness absence due to work-related burnout can last up to 186 days (9 months); @ €250 per day, burnout will cost €46,500 per employee
2 x €85 per stress coaching sessions per week for 4 weeks in a month, over 8 months, costs €5,440 per employee. €85 x 2 sessions a week = €170 x 4 weeks in a month= €680 x 8 months = €5,440
2 x €85 per burnout coaching session per week for 4 weeks in a month, over 9 months, costs €6,120 per employee. €85 x 2 sessions a week = €170 x 4 weeks in a month= €680 x 9 months = €6,120
Stress-related illness: €39,250 – €5,440= €33,810 (example)
Burnout : €46,500 – €6,120= €40,380 (example)
The statistics for stress-related illness and burnout in 2018-2020 have increased from 30% to 34%.