Stress and Burnout Consultation

                 Stress and Burnout Consultation                   

It can be very challenging to know where to begin to resolve stressful situations in the workplace; stress and burnout in the workplace can be difficult to define. In a lot of cases, reactions to job stressors are personalised and escalate due to a lack of understanding, knowledge and training. 

Without purposely setting out to create a vicious circle of stress-related problems, interpersonal conflicts and burnout in the workplace, a lot of companies find themselves in the position of staff becoming ill for long periods, due to stress-related illness, conflicts and burnout while company performance and productivity suffer. A stress and burnout consultant can help you manage, prevent and resolve challenging stressful situation in the workplace. 

Interpersonal conflicts, work-related stress, absenteeism, presenteeism (employees in the workplace but not contributing), high stress-related illness costs and reduction in company profits are all signs that stress and burnout are winning and employers are losing a long and hard battle to keep the workplace healthy and prosperous. The result has a devastating effect on the health of employees, company culture and profits.  Your stress and burnout consultant can help you win the battle against stress and burnout in your workplace. 

Stress and burnout consultation works

We know what stress is and how the stress response (behaviours) affects not only mental and physical health but also the productivity, performance and financial health of the company.

We know how difficult it is to objectively define workplace stressors: Corporate Stress Education

  • To manage staff in stress response
  • To be attentive to difficult stress-related issues
  • To be aware of conflicts and prevent them from getting out of control 
  • To reduce manage and prevent stress-related illness and burnout
  • To put a stress policy in place that everyone can agree on.

We have vast experience in helping businesses create stress-free environments while ensuring employee’s performance and productivity.

Our stress and burnout consultants are qualified

All our stress and burnout consultants have vast experience in their specialised areas. We are educated to MSc Health Psychology level and contribute to the European Union’s 3rd Health Programme 2014-2020 “for investing in people’s health and for spending smarter but not necessarily more on sustainable health systems”. 

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