Stress and Burnout Educational Programme

Our Stress and Burnout Educational Programme will take you through the A-Z of stress and burnout, so you can recognise and prevent stress-related illnesses; reduce work stress, burnout, absenteeism, presenteeism and psychosocial risks in the workplace. This training will give you an understanding of the what, why and how of stress and burnout and help you comply with all EU and local government laws and regulations on stress-related illnesses and psychosocial risks in the workplace.
This Stress and Burnout Educational Programme is the complete package.

Stress Management Workshops

"In many organisations, there is an erroneous perception that addressing stress-related illness and psychosocial risks is challenging and will incur additional costs. Evidence suggests that failure to address these risks can be even more costly for employers, workers and societies in general. Investment in occupational safety and health improves business productivity and performance. Different studies prove that the employer will have a return in double for every euro spent on occupational safety and health”. (EU Joint Action on Mental Health and Well-being, 2016).
If you don't feel the need to do our educational programme you can choose a tailor-made workshop that best suits your needs.

Workplace Stress and Burnout Coaching and Counselling

In cases of overwhelming stress and stress-related illness, stress and burnout coaching and counselling will help employees become more resilient in resolving not only their current stressors but also give them the tools to develop resiliency in reducing, managing and preventing future chronic stressors and burnout. All our stress coaches/counsellors are educated to MSc Health Psychology level and registered with the NIP (Dutch Institute of Psychology). We are neutral, objective and we keep everything confidential.
We can help support productivity while identifying stress triggers and creating a stress-free approach to work.

Corporate Mediation

Sometimes it is not just about advising, educating and training. Sometimes it's also about addressing current conflicts. When conflicts need to be addressed our impartial mediators can help by being neutral buffers while guiding management and staff to practical and lasting solutions. Mediation is a voluntary process that can take place when both parties agree; parties participate of their own free will. The mediator does not judge, the mediation process is confidential, flexible and private.
In conflict stress is rampant, stress is doing the ultimate damage to relationships and the workplace.

Stress and Burnout Consultation

“79% of European managers are concerned about stress in their workplaces”, 40% consider that psychosocial risk is more difficult to manage than ‘traditional’ occupational health and safety (OSH) risks” and “less than 30% of organisations in Europe have procedures for dealing with workplace stress, harassment and third-party violence”(EU Research review 2016). Our stress and burnout consultants can help you win the battle against stress and burnout in your workplace.
Your stress and burnout consultant can help you win the battle against stress and burnout in your workplace.

Lunch and Learn

These short introductory sessions focus on workplace stress and burnout education; personal care and self-development; all vital for workplace health and wellbeing. If your employees are happy in the workplace chances are they'll be happy at home, or at the least know how to cope with workplace and home stressors better. We can help you improve and manage work-related stress, stress-related illness and burnout.
We can help you improve and manage work-related stress, stress-related illness and burnout.