Stress Education- Mediation-Personal Stress Coaching-Consultation.

Stress Education and Management

"In many organisations there is an erroneous perception that addressing stress related illness and psychosocial risks is challenging and will incur additional costs. Evidence suggests that failure to address these risks can be even more costly for employers, workers and societies in general. Investment in occupational safety and health improves business productivity and performance. Different studies prove that the employer will have a return in double for every euro spent on occupational safety and health”. (EU Joint Action on Mental Health and Well-being, 2016).

Corporate Mediation

Mediation is a voluntary process which can only take place when both parties agree; parties participate of their own free will. The mediator is a neutral third party who assists both parties towards a resolution; the mediator does not take sides or judge. The mediation process is confidential, flexible, private and conducted without prejudice to any legal proceedings. Details of discussions cannot be disclosed or used outside the mediation location, or in a court hearing. The mediation process is non-binding unless an agreement is reached.

Mediation process can be used to settle disputes in a range of situations such as: • Workplace disputes • Consumer disputes • Contract disputes • Family disputes • Neighbourhood disputes. Sometimes it is not just a question of advising, educating and training; sometimes it is also necessary to address current conflicts. When conflicts need to be addressed our impartial mediators can help by being neutral buffers while guiding management and staff members to practical and lasting solutions.

Your Personal Stress Coach

sometimes, a one-on-one stress management session with a qualified stress coach in the workplace is not only necessary but also very useful. When feelings of stress and strain take hold your personal stress coach can come to you whenever you need her. She can help you understand what and where the stress is; educate you on the different types of stress at work and at home; help you identify triggers that are disrupting important relationships and support you in setting up a 'Stress Policy' for yourself and others if necessary, so that all staff members can be more aware of stress while being more productive.

You can control stress by understanding what it is, where it comes from and how you can manage it; to be more energised, motivated and happier in work and at home.

Corporate Consultation

“79% of European managers are concerned about stress in their workplaces”,“40% consider that psychosocial risk is more difficult to manage than ‘traditional’ occupational health and safety (OSH) risks” and “less than 30% of organisations in Europe have procedures for dealing with workplace stress, harassment and third-party violence”(EU Research review 2016).

We can help you improve and manage work-related stress, stress related illness and psychosocial risks in your workplace.